Alase is a band from Finland. Their music is a melting pot of various metal genres but the main focus is in the melody and atmosphere. The lyrics are in Finnish language. Alase is using different vocalists on each song and they release one song at a time. This idea brings a lot of extra versatility how the songs can sound like. Actual band members live across Finland and almost everything is done remotely in DIY style.

Current line-up:

Guitars & composition & vocal arrangements: Janne Lunnas
Guitars & composition: Mikko Häkälä
Bass: Ari Miettinen

Past members:

Drums: Janne Kusmin (Kalmah)
Drums: Juuso Backman (Throes Of Dawn)
Bass & growls: Jukka Marjoniemi

Songs and vocalists:

Vielä - Vocals: Markus Hirvonen
On jatkettava - Growls: Ari Nieminen (Whorion, Dauntless and Hanging Garden), Clean vocals: Ville Saloranta, Screams: Janne Lunnas
Kidukset – Vocals: Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun), Backing vocals: Markus Hirvonen
Utopian hellimät – Vocals: Markus Hirvonen
Erehdykseni – Clean vocals: Juha Simola (Owler), Screams: Jouni Koskela (Clock Paradox & Abysmalia)
Sanaton syytös – Vocals: Marko Eskola (Crystalic), Growls: Jukka Marjoniemi

Other people involved:

Lyrics: Anni Aho
Keyboards: Markus Hirvonen
Mixing & mastering: Ari-Pekka Repo
Graphics & lyric videos: Sakke Paavola


Alase Band